Heavy Duty Gaylord Boxes

The name of this type of packaging may seem odd to you, and unless you are well acquainted with the packaging or shipment industry, like us, chances are you don’t know what this type of packaging boxes are used for. Simply put Gaylord containers are extra-large-sized boxes that are used to store or ship items in bulk or of huge sizes. At AK Packaging, we are aware of the large variation of products that is present in these types of containers. To suit all your requirements, we provide an assortment of options accordingly.


  • A brief guide to identifying good quality cardboard Gaylord containers There are different qualities of Gaylord packaging boxes available out there. When it comes to making a purchase it is important to know what to look for and what to avoid in order to steer clear of scammers. AK Packaging supplies some of the finest quality cardboard Gaylord containers. They check all the three boxes that are considered as a marker for high-quality Gaylord boxes:
  • Durability and tear resistance Heavy duty Gaylord boxes are meant to be durable and resistant to damage. Considering that some of their applications involve a lot of rough handling and bumpy transportation, it is vital that your storage container does not tear or fall apart. We are committed to providing excellent quality products to our customers so that the contents of your box don’t spill and remain in place, securely. For that Gaylord Shipping Container is our best bet. For more heavy duty packaging and shipping supplies, please browse our website. Get in touch with us when you are ready to order!
  • Material Heavy duty Gaylord boxes are meant to ship or store items of all types. From storing food items to providing a protective casing to heavy machinery, these bulk cargo containers are not restricted in their application and find use in a variety of industries. The material they are made from is supposed to consist of at least three layers of sheets, with a corrugated center. If your purchase of heavy duty Gaylord boxes does not have the required number of layers, it means they are not good quality and won’t last long.
  • Multiple uses Making your purchase from a reputable vendor becomes particularly important when it comes to products such as heavy duty Gaylord boxes. Good packaging not only protects your items during transit but also becomes cost-effective in the long term. Unless put under exceptional duress, these bulk cargo containers can be reused at least two to three times before they have to be replaced. Not using the Gaylord box for the time being? Just fold it and stow it away for future use!
  • AK Packaging – the finest Gaylord packaging boxes at great prices



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